ANSIBLE - Simplicity, efficiency, and automation of the IT infrastructure

Introduction video

How to automate the IT infrastructure of your organization?

Juan Luis Alarcón and Moisés Rivera showed us Red Hat ANSIBLE a platform to automate the entire life cycle of their applications, from servers to containers.

Automation will help speed up your operations, increase the consistency and availability of your servers, and improve security and regulatory compliance, among others.

In this breakfast, we discovered Red Hat Ansible Tower, a tool with a visual interface, which assists the IT team in the management of complex multilevel implementations.

Design and execute a scalable IT management system that allows you to build your digital strategy based on automation. The partnership between Nahitek Digital (Amatech Group company) and Red Hat aims to collaborate in the digital transformation of organizations.

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What does it allow to automate?

Aplications and Infrastructures


Operations day 2 in Kubernetes

Networks and Security


The event was presented by José Antonio del Val, Alliance Partnership Account Manager at Red Hat.

Juan Luis Alarcón

Juan Luis Alarcón

Nahitek Digital (Amatech Group)

Responsible for integrations and infrastructures


Specialist in emerging technology, high-performance computing and cloud seeking support in open standards.

Moisés Rivera

Moisés Rivera

Red Hat

Principal Solution Architect


Cloud, Automation & Infrastructure Team Lead at Red Hat Iberia. Great experience with Open Source technologies.


  • Nahitek Digital and Red Hat, a value proposition

  • What is infrastructure automation?

  • Ansible Tower

  • Use cases

  • Demo

  • Q&A

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