Quantum computing in strategic industries

The CUCO project, subsidized by the CDTI and supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation under the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, emerges as the first major quantum computing project at a national and corporate level with the aim of advancing scientific and technological knowledge of quantum computing algorithms through public-private collaboration between companies, research centers and universities that allow accelerating the implementation of these technologies for use in the medium term. In addition to identifying a number of relevant use cases in the Spanish economy, concept tests can be carried out to study whether quantum computing could improve the performance of classical computing and thus respond to business needs. In this context, use cases will be investigated in Earth observation, in the fight against climate change and the environment, traceability of information throughout the supply chain, signal intelligence, etc.

Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación - CDTI - Plan de Recuperación, Transformación - Financiado por la UE

Consortium: Amatech, BBVA, DAS Photonics, GMV, Multiverse computing, Qilimanjaro and Repsol.