Innovative technology that provides truthfulness, security, and transparency in a transaction

We create trusted environments to interact in a reliable and secure way

Blockchain is a technology that was developed to make possible the first non-centralized inter-party payment method in history but is currently being used successfully in many areas beyond digital money.

At Amatech, we offer Blockchain services, a unique registration, consensual and distributed over several nodes of a network, which inherently incorporates security and trust in a solution.

Blockchain eliminates fraud, improves traceability and establishes a chain of trust where the interests of all parties involved in a transaction or exchange of a digital asset are protected.

The advantages of using Blockchain technology in your business

  • Optimization of business processes

  • Exchange of information in a secure, encrypted and without intermediaries

  • Improved traceability: Accreditation by third parties

  • Elimination of fraud: tracking of digital ownership

  • Improved communication

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It allows knowing the history, location and trajectory of a product or batch of products throughout its life cycle.



A digital representation that offers guarantees of authenticity and prevents forgery.



Unambiguous and invulnerable record of who, when and how accessed what information.

How do we apply the chain of blocks in our digital solutions?



When two parties decide to exchange a digital asset, they initiate a transaction that is digitally signed.



The transaction is propagated through the network and is packed, along with others, waiting to form a block that will be distributed throughout the network.



If the resolution of the block is correct, it persists in the Blockchain, leaving the blocks linked and invalidating other blocks in the verification process.



The digital asset is moved from the source account to the destination account.

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