Process Automation (RPA)

Process automation through software robots

Robotic Process Automation

RPA is the automation of tasks that require a high manual intervention through software robots, allowing people in the organization to engage in activities with greater added value.

At Amatech Group we understand that RPA is a strategic functionality that allows us to evolve and get the most out of the business.

For this reason, we base our robotization solutions on an RPA Strategic Consulting service.



FAST RPA: Own methodology designed for those organizations that want to start in RPA and see the benefits of robotization in a few weeks.


Team: formed by more than 40 professionals certified in different areas and capable of covering all the needs of a robotization project.


UiPath: We are Gold Partner of UiPath, the technological leader in RPA, which provides us with the necessary tools to make the robotization of tasks a simple process.

Today, hotel companies embrace automation to improve their operations and revolutionize their guest’s experiences: from room reservations to reception operations, room service requests and billing.RPA fully adapts to existing systems to automate a process or a sequence of processes.

The robotization solutions of Amatech Group are implemented in some of the leading companies in the hotel sector, including the Iberostar Group.

Amatech Group's robotization solutions are implemented in some of the most representative companies within the Retail sector, such as multinational textile companies, large distributors of retail trade, among others. In them, projects are developed to improve the quality of processes in different areas of activity:

  • Supply Chain, improving cycle time, speed, capacity and efficiency of assets.

  • Accounting and Finances, offering significantly faster work cycles with reduced costs.

  • Supplier Management, creating connection channels between supplier’s applications and their own without having to modify existing systems or procedures.

  • Presentations of New Products and Competitor Analysis, allowing the analysis of the competitor's market when modifying prices and adding new products.

  • Promotions, performing a quick and accurate analysis of the performance of promotions.

  • Sales Statistics, providing complete audits with real-time information.

One of the main reasons why Utilities need RPA is due to the massive amount of transactions transactions that are managed daily and where is a greater margin for human error. The change of business processes to RPA significantly reduces these “miscalculations”.

TheAmatech Group robotization solutions are implemented in some of the most representative companies in the Utilities Sector. There, projects are developed to improve the quality of processes in different areas of activity. Among the benefits that we can find with the use of robotization are are the improvement of accounting processes, risk mitigation with partners or UTE's, meter reading, or report management.

The Tourism and Leisure sector faces constant and new challenges, among which stand out the increase in competition, with different and innovative business models and the drastic change in customer habits.

The robotic technology for automation of tasks and processes allows companies in the sector to transform and optimize their commercial and management procedures, developing new and more efficient business models, improving marketing processes for better customer experience and increasing the rate loyalty, reducing costs and automating repetitive and unproductive tasks for the business, reducing error rates.

The health and pharma sector requires that confidential data can be transmitted in a reliable and reserved manner across the different specialties and workplaces. The RPA technology (Robotic Process Automation) offered by Amatech Group can help with this transmission as well as with the optimization of administrative processes (registration of new medical and nursing staff, etc.)

As the number of patients increases, companies in the health and pharmaceutical sector face new challenges such as managing inventory levels, supporting the digitization of patient files, streamline appointment scheduling, executing billing and claims processing. To help overcome these operational weaknesses , automation technology turns inefficient, independent, and disconnected processes into a streamlined, integrated system.

Public bodies process large volumes of data and documents throughout the day; much of it manually and repetitively. This reduces the productivity of the public employees and slows down the services they provide to citizens.

Robotic process automation (RPA) enables repetitive tasks to be automated and public employees to focus on improving the quality of public services provided to citizens.

'Let nothing stop you' is the technological solution so that the Public Administration does not cease its activity. A software that is responsible for executing processes and includes:

  • Automation of 1 process.

  • 3 months of real test, with the process underway.

  • 16 hours of Consulting for the identification of new processes to be automated.

RPA is a non-invasive low-risk technology that allows the improvement of the quality, speed, security and continuity of the processes performed by the staff of the Mutual Accident.

By creating logical robots for specific tasks that require high manual intervention, human workloads are reduced or eliminated in front-office and back-office processes by integrating in a non-invasive way with any existing application.

This technology can be implemented in various business areas, such as the administrative area, optimizing processes with invoice management, the area of mutual funds creating access based on roles that protect the privacy of the users or the area of human resources, helping with the planning and organization of the employees.

The Amatech Group robotization solutions are implemented in some of the leading companies in the Accident Mutual Insurance sector, such as Asepeyo.

The changes in the Industrial Retail Sector have led supermarkets and auxiliary companies in the food industry to address new challenges and to find digital solutions to research, buy, receive and sell products.

Amatech Group's robotization solutionsare implemented in some of the most representative companies in the Manufacturing Retail sector, from large distributors to retail.

In them, projects are developed to improve the quality of processes in different areas of activity such as order and inventory control, stock, management with suppliers, or presentation of new products, among others.

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