CRMs that automate and optimize marketing and sales processes

Consulting and implementation of CRM solutions

Our focus is the customer, so we have CRM platforms of reference in the market or develop customized solutions with the objective of transforming the traditional sales funnel into a Flywheel strategy in which the customer is at the center of the actions of these processes.

We help our customers to adopt a CRM that covers the needs of their organization and also benefits their customers.


Attract, convert and retain the sale

Why trust your CRM to Amatech Group?


  • We analyze the situation of your company and meet with the marketing, sales and customer service teams to identify the needs of each area.


  • We implement a CRM, adapting it to the work processes and business model. We guide the customer through this process, offering advice and training so they can take full advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365.


  • Maintenance and technical support. We help you with any questions or technical errors.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

More than a CRM

With the digital transformation of companies, Microsoft Dynamics CRM evolves to Microsoft Dynamics 365, offering a comprehensive business management platform in the cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses a set of tools that, when combined, streamline campaign management, automate key activities and improve decision making. It offers applications and features specific to CRM and ERP, becoming a global management software for all areas of the organization.


Best customer service

With Dynamics 365 you will be able to track customer interactions and improve sales opportunities.

Secure and reliable data

You will be able to connect and limit access to data at various levels, as well as store and transport it between different Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications.

Centralized management

From the same interface, you can connect the data of the different areas of your business, providing a 360º view of the client. It will accelerate the preparation of reports and graphics in real time, thanks to the integration with Power BI. All of this management will improve decision-making about your business.

Omnichannel assured

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a good user experience regardless of the channel or device from which it is connected. Thanks to its implementation in the cloud and its mobile version, your business will always be with you.

More productivity and profitability

Microsoft CRM applications offer visibility of the complete process, from generating a lead to selling. It will optimize sales, marketing and service efforts.

As a Microsoft partner, we will guide you through the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your business.

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