Smart ERPs that help companies grow, innovate, and optimize time and resources

All business management in a single software.

We implement business management solutions that help companies of different kinds to manage themselves efficiently. The use of these tools provides a global vision of the organization while connecting different departments, which provides greater control and better optimization of operational units.


As Microsoft partners, at Amatech Group we implement ERPs based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a scalable solution adaptable to the personality of each organization

360º vision of the business



Its native connection with Power BI allows seeing in real-time from any device the state of the business. It facilitates the interpretation of information and decision making.



Through Azure, Microsoft's cloud, it is possible to consult the state of the company from mobile devices with the Business Central app or from the computer's browser.



It covers all areas and departments of the company, optimizing tasks and projects. It connects the information from all modules: accounting, purchasing, sales, customers, projects, and production.



It optimizes all areas for greater time and cost savings in production and logistics, increasing the company's margins and profits.

Keys for an ERP migration



  • Accurate forecasts.

  • Automatic account reconciliation.

  • Agility in financial closing and reporting.

  • Data connection that provides an integral vision of the business.

  • Customization of reports thanks to the integration with Microsoft Excel.

  • Real-time graphical representations with integrated Power BI dashboards.

  • Data connection for accounting, sales, purchases, inventory, and interactions with customers.

  • Sales productivity.

  • Segmentations with customizable filters.

  • Complete database of clients and potentials.

  • Tracking of all customer interactions.

  • Overview of service tasks and workloads.

  • Organization of potential customers according to their income potential.

  • Creation of tasks, opportunities, and offers for the sales team.

  • Creation of tasks, opportunities, and offers for the sales team.

  • Approval flows.

  • Calculation of delivery times, and order points.

  • Optimization of inventory levels, and profitability.

  • Integrated intelligence to predict refueling times.

  • Verification of prices, demand, and purchase orders related to dates.

  • Integrated management of supplier accounting, purchasing processes, and periodic activities.

  • Improved planning and execution due to easy access to real-time inventory data.

  • All data for quotation orders, purchase orders, delivery notes and complaints are documented by automatic processing operations and filed according to the customer or transaction.

  • Evaluation of campaigns.

  • Calendars, management, and cycle control.

  • Automatic Data Capture System.

  • Entrances and departures in the warehouse, both internal and external.

  • Warehouse entries committed orders and container configuration.

  • Analysis of project performance.

  • Creation, management, and monitoring of projects.

  • Control of costs and revenues incurred and resources involved.

  • Timesheets and advanced cost control and reporting features.

  • Fully integrated with the supply chain, invoicing, and accounting modules, in order to achieve a complete vision of the company.

  • Projects always up to date, with greater organization and coordination of those involved, control of the use of resources in jobs, and data for billing the client.

  • A complete vision of the project in real-time, which leads to maximum control and better decision making during the project.

  • Basic Human Resources Management.

  • Social security data.

  • Absence registration.

  • Qualifications.

  • Entry and leave date.

Amatech is a Microsoft Gold Partner.

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