ERP Smart Adm

ERP software for the financial management of the Public Administration

Fundamental tool for the management of Companies and Public Administrations

ERP software that facilitates the processes of control, economic and financial monitoring, adjusting them to the principles of budget stability, transparency and financial sustainability, sending all the information according to community requirements and guaranteeing compliance with the objectives set in the budget items.

Smart Adm thus covers the main requirements of companies and public administrations.

Microsoft Partner


The Smart Adm financial management ERP software is implemented on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, evolution of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), integrating perfectly with the various functional areas of public companies.

Connect all areas of your company



Capital transfers and exploitation, management assignments, grants and contracts.



  • Planning of operating units.

  • Expenses and income.



Investment Program and Financing by Objectives.



Justifications for control and monitoring of endowments.



Expenses and income associated with the operating units and verification of the objectives.


Smart Adm guarantees a wide functional coverage, becoming a fundamental tool for all your economic and financial areas.

  • Reduces accounting closing times to allow better management of the organization.

  • Improve the availability in time and form of reports, budgets and account statements.

  • Streamlines accounts payable, accounts receivable and billing processes.

  • Replaces several systems with a single integrated system, avoiding additional maintenance and integration costs.

  • Provides a more efficient purchase management, with process flows and less probability of errors.

  • Improves purchasing processes, through the use of documents such as purchase orders, delivery notes or purchase certificates and invoices.

  • Associate purchase expenses with analysis by project and financing.

  • Control of spending before it occurs.

  • Manage projects as operational units of last level of execution and cost.

  • Control the Financing associated with each activity or project.

  • Plan expenses and income of different nature of cost associated with the project.

  • Provides execution monitoring tools with control and planning tools for project managers.

  • Manages in an advanced way contracts with suppliers based on the typologies established by the Public Administration Contracting Law.

  • Registers lots, offers, tabulations, awardees and generation of purchasing records.

  • Controls and manages the extensions and renewals of contracts.

  • Provides a tool for efficient comprehensive management of staff.

  • Eliminates paper-based processes and implements self-service features for employees.

  • Allows planning and scheduling of time and work associated with the projects.

  • Offers working hours reporting tools.

  • Provides a subsidy application processing tool.

  • Implements all phases of subsidy management, from application to payment.

  • Expenditure justifications by financial sources.

  • Justification of subsidies and registration of obligations with third parties.

  • Justification of terms of payment methods with third parties and details of commitments.

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