ERP Smart Instal

ERP software for installers of digital infrastructure and telecommunications

Smart Instal is the ERP software for installation companies

The ERP Smart Instal is especially indicated for companies Installers of Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructures of the following types:

  • Telecommunication infrastructures in buildings or real estate

  • Telecommunications systems installations

  • New generation telecommunications infrastructure installations and control, management and security telecommunications networks

Optimizes comprehensive cost control (operators, materials, services, vehicles, machines, etc.) and the analysis of all departments of the company.

Developed on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Smart Instal is a valid ERP for control of facilities and projects, SAT technical assistance service, installers, power lines, etc.

Tool benefits



Smart Instal allows you to identify each material or article regardless of who supplies it at any given time, save updated information and rates for each supplier, anticipate pending payments, place orders without picking up the phone, etc.



Optimizes the warehouse stock, being able to even know the location of each item, marking minimum and maximum of each material and placing orders or lists of the needs of that material.



When starting a job, you can organize pending tasks, issue work orders to technicians or team leaders and organize everything so that the forecast that was made in the budget is fulfilled. Smart Instal allows you to organize your work, construction or installation in the job control.



Allows to improve the efficiency of operations, as it transforms the way the company is managed. In addition, thanks to its easy setup and administration, it allows you more time to focus on the business.



If the project is large and involves certifying at source, Smart Instal makes this task easier. Thus, the solution allows to indicate how much is going to be certified in each batch, how much is certified and how much remains to be certified.



Smart Instal facilitates both source invoicing for large jobs and administrative invoicing.

An integrable ERP with multiple functionalities

  • Allows to group budgeted concepts in chapters, sub-chapters and items.

  • Creation of key items to import for different budgets.

  • Performs price and margin adjustments automatically.

  • Get the economic budget data at selling or cost price.

  • Budget assessmentby percentage applying a fixed margin by item, by total budget or by categories.

  • Access in  real time to economic budget data.

  • Generate work orders directly from any budget item.

  • You get a variety of budget reports at the level of sale, cost, sale/cost and planned carried out.

  • Access from budgetto all work orders, delivery notes, purchase and sale invoices, supplier offers, payments and collections originated by the same.

  • Issuance of invoices from the budget itself either by certification to origin, by budget or by grouping of budgets.

  • Vehicle management and control whether their own or others, repair and revision histories. Notices and control of ITVs.

  • Tools control in vehicles.

  • Management and control of staff own or by subcontractors.

  • Wardrobe and tool control of staff.

  • Management of contracts and categories.

  • Management and assignment of work calendars to employees.

  • Formation of work teams.

  • Historical of boxes, parts, vehicles, expenses, tools.

  • Management of hours and overtime by labor and subcontractors.

  • Travel management with automatic calculation of distances and fuel consumption.

  • Travel and food management.

  • Classification of parts by type of work: installations, repairs, maintenance, assemblies, sale, etc.

  • Predefined templates for each type of work part.

  • Control of planned and used material.

  • Incident management and split resolution.

  • Assignment of work items to budgets and/or projects.

  • Order filtering by code, date, customer, state, manager, etc. for quick location.

  • Complete record of supplier information being able to assign different accounts and conditions to each of the companies we work with.

  • Management of incidents and historical by provider.

  • Launch of purchase offers to different suppliers, being able to place the order from the initial offer itself.

  • Items can be grouped by families, manufacturers, supplier brands, etc.

  • Product classification by barcodes.

  • Analysis by article: last price, average price, R.A.E, sale price, applied margin, family to which it belongs, date of last purchase, physical location, invoice history, estimates, purchase delivery notes, etc.

  • Possibility to make a forecast of needs to a certain date and make requests for offers from suppliers and/or material orders.

  • Possibility to save inventories by date and time.

  • Possibility to make returns material at the time of receipt or later.

  • Verification of data in delivery note received with the order made to the supplier.

  • Stock control even below the stipulated minimum, calculating the units pending to receive or serve.

  • Possibility of viewing the physical stock in a single window, material pending to receive, pending to serve, minimum stock of reserved material, etc.

  • Warehouse inventory regularizations. Adjustments can be made from PDAs or barcode devices.

  • Billing of individual partsfor materials consumed or for fixed amounts.

  • Automatic generation of delivery notes of articles from work reports.

  • Possibility to define recovery requests that can be invoiced as delivery notes as they are received without closing the service order after invoicing.

  • Forecast of treasury and management of promissory notes.

  • All billing is automatically integrated with your accounting program.

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