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Amatech Group covers the complete life cycle of your RPA Project

Amatech Group adapts to the different levels of automation maturity of companies.

Our experience tells us that robotization is a path that leads organizations to grow and evolve. We know that each client has a different level of experience and knowledge in RPA, therefore we analyze the situation of their business, identifying the points of improvement in each process



All with the guarantee of being a Gold Partner of UiPath, the best Process Automation technology.

Advantages that RPA technology offers your business

We offer a personalized end-to-end service for each client, with a methodology that covers the entire life cycle of the RPA project that we implement.


RPA software robots are programmed to follow specific rules, minimizing errors, and increasing the quality and efficiency of the tasks they perform.


RPA solutions transform the day-to-day life of your employees: they lighten the workload of those tasks that bring little value to the business.


With our RPA solutions, you can monitor every detail of the process that the soft-bot executes, thus reducing risks.


RPA is programmable according to specific orders that will give you total control to operate according to current regulations.

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Amatech Group accompanies your company throughout the entire robotization process, whether you have experience with automating processes or want to get started on RPA projects.



Fast RPA: we offer a first pilot test for companies that want to try the technology and see the benefits of RPA in just a few weeks.



If you already have experience with automating projects, a team of professionals will evaluate all processes so you can optimize your business at the highest level.

5 stages of the RPA Methodology

We study each case individually to detect points of improvement. We provide the necessary tools so that our clients can automate and optimize their business processes with RPA.

A team of professionals specialized in automation will evaluate those work processes where RPA can be applied. Our goal is to make the Robotic Process Automation part of our customer’s business strategy.

RaaS (RPA as a Service)

The cloud savings model

With the RPA modality as a service and with a pay-per-use based on the complexity of the processes to be robotized and the number of robots required, execution times are reduced and you can start automating whenever you want.

Get rid of server and software costs thanks to our cloud infrastructure, ready to start robotizing sequential processes as fast as possible.

On Premise

Automation in your own infrastructure

We install and configure the environments, servers, and tools. We provide the licenses of our partner UiPath, a technological leader in RPA, to run and monitor their own robots.

We take care of identifying the processes and putting them into production. We deploy the entire robot park following a planned integration plan with which we automate from the simplest to the most complex processes.

Through a control panel, we execute a system of monitoring and continuous improvement, we can follow closely the degree of success of your robotization.

We carry outtraining sessions so that the entire team of your organization knows the details and benefits of RPA: from functional business courses, in which they will learn to adopt robotization as part of their day-to-day work, to technical training for members of the IT department.

Our goal is to ensure that processes and infrastructure work correctly, therefore we offer a 24/7 maintenance service with retrospective analysis of the effects of robotization and error correction.

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