Menu configurator for catering sector

Ausolan decides to invest in a technological solution that allows them to configure the menus of its catering services for hospitals, homes, schools, and companies.

We have developed a menu configurator that allows the user to create dishes and menus from a list of ingredients, depending on the cost and nutritional values of each center, adapting them to specific calendars. They can also be used as a base for other centers and can make the necessary adaptations.

The platform provides a series of reports adapted to the information required by health. Besides, it allows Ausolan to know in advance the estimated production costs.

Ausolan is a company dedicated to restaurants and cleaning for communities, with 50 years of history. With kitchens across Spain, Ausolan serves more than 260,000 menus a day in schools, businesses, hospitals, and homes, thus ranking among the top three collective catering companies in Spain.

Planning and cost reduction for the catering sector

Adapts to the needs of each center.

Planning the production of dishes and menus.

Control of expenses.


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