Grupo Bidafarma

Customized software for purchasing and billing management

We developed a tailor-made solution for the Bidafarma Group, a Pharmaceutical Cooperative Group Management (GGC) software that allows centralized management of the purchase orders of the four cooperatives that make up the group and shipping to the different laboratories. In addition to the purchasing process, it also allows billing management thanks to its automatic integration with the accounting system.

Once implemented, we take care of the support and maintenance of the system, to ensure its correct operation.

Grupo Bidafarma is made up of 4 cooperatives (Bidafarma, D'Apotecaris, Cofarca, and Cofarte) whose function is to send drug orders to pharmacies as quickly and in the best conditions.

It is the first company in the sector to implement the Pharmaceutical Cooperative Group Management Software (GGC) for managing purchase orders and associated invoices.

Features that streamline the purchase and billing processes:

Orders management

Invoice management

Payment management

Accounting management

Generation of reports and statistics

Maintaining master data

Access control by user profiles

Options for the system administrator

Benefits of a customized solution ready for the digital experience:

  • More efficient management of purchasing and billing processes, between the Bidafarma Group and pharmaceutical cooperatives and laboratories.

  • Standardization of administrative procedures.

  • Centralization of information: accessible from any work center.

  • It allows to know, at any time, the status and grouping of the orders, the invoices issued and received, as well as the collections and pending payments.

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