Grupo Cecsa

Employee portal with Microsoft 365 SharePoint

Design and implementation of the Cecsa Group Intranet on SharePoint, one of the productivity and collaboration tools of Microsoft 365.

SharePoint offers Cecsa a collaborative portal for employees and a tool for managing documents. It allows the publication of news and announcements and the management of expenses and vacations through the Power Automate tool and the SPFX Framework.

The portal is also integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP, allowing to record the movements of the projects associated with the different parties, the registration of associated consumption, and their billing to the end customer.

The main activity of Grupo Cecsa is the distribution of electrical energy. They also have another subsidiary, Cecsa Telecom, which works in the province of Huelva offering both fixed and mobile telephone services, fiber optics and television.

SharePoint adapts to the reality of the Group since it is created for multidisciplinary and distributed teams that need to collaborate and interact with information easily and efficiently.

The project includes:

Portal for the publication of news and communications to employees

Document management

Work report management

Expenses and vacation management

Among the benefits: it facilitates teamwork

Optimization of document management processes

Promoting collaborative work

Faster and easier access and search of information: from any place and device

Process automation: greater efficiency and productivity


Developing custom applications easier using the SPFX Framework

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