Service managed in ANS model

Consum has computer systems based on CA Plex technology, which allows them to achieve faster and more efficient developments, up to 3 times more productive than with other languages.

Consum decides to entrust us with the service of development and maintenance of its systems based on CA (Computer Associates) technology due to our experience, knowledge, and partnership relationship with the manufacturer.

At Amatech we offer this service managed in ANS model, which allows the consumer to control the quality of the service and save costs by outsourcing part of the equipment.

Consum is a Spanish cooperative in the distribution sector, born in 1975. Today it is one of the main companies in the distribution sector in Spain. After a long collaboration with Consum for over 15 years, in 2016 they trusted us again for the development and maintenance of part of their computer applications.

This ANS service model allows Consum to:

Making the development team more flexible

Streamline deliveries

Delegate development and maintenance

Outsourcing de Aplicaciones

Increase internal team productivity

Cost savings. Outsourced service

Collaboration methodology and tools

Project control through indicators (KPIs)

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