HCertificate: Tool to evaluate the level of humanization that a nursing home has

HCertificate is an application to measure the quality level of geriatric centers and residences, that is, to check their level of humanization. Its objective is to achieve more comfortable environments for the elderly, their families and the professionals who care for them.

The application gathers a series of data, interprets them and with them statistics and graphs are elaborated that allow to design the improvement actions for the centers.

Humanizza is a company focused on the humanization of organizations and centers dedicated to the care of the elderly. Its main task is to transform these centers into friendlier and more humane places through data analysis and empathy.

Improves the quality-of-care service thanks to data analysis

Having real data from both residents, family members and professionals, allows:

  • Increased efficiency.

  • Creation of a standard that measures the level of humanization.

  • To have an observatory of humanization trends at the national level.

  • Promote participation and work in humanization.

  • Knowing the good practices.

  • To detect the needs to be covered.

  • To use efficiently the aids obtained.

HCertificate promotes the humanization of homes, organizations and care models

  • It allows the personalization of the services.

  • Increased confidence and autonomy on the part of residents.

  • Greater job security for professionals.

  • Increased family loyalty.

  • The centers: references in humanization, innovation and agents of change.

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