Biometric signature solution

The biometric signature operation is not just a handwritten reading, but enough biometric data is captured, generated and stored to guarantee the basic principles of an advanced electronic signature.

Sinadur is an online biometric signature solution that allows managing processes of digitized handwritten signature, embedding biometric data in PDF documents within web environments.

  • The biometric signature allows handwritten signature to be captured using graphic tablets that capture the signature image and the biometric traits of the signer.

  • Digitization and improvement in the traceability of documents and signatures in any field: banking, health, legal services and public administration.

  • Green office: digital signatures save money and help to protect information.

  • Image of innovation and modernity.



  • Simple installation

  • Easy integration into apps

  • Improves the traceability of documents and signatures

  • Legal support

  • Comfort/Universality

  • Processes improvement

  • Guaranteed signature on documents for both the user and the organization

  • Adaptable to any tablet that complies with the biometric data capture requirements

  • Cost reduction

  • Image of innovation and modernity

  • Green office


  • Signature of senior positions and managers

  • Procedures of files and forms

  • Document registration

  • On-site citizen services

  • Inspections and complaints

  • Contracts signing (HR, purchases, insurance)

  • Notarial procedures and property records

  • Medical procedures and patient consent

  • Bank operations

  • Purchases and returns

  • Parcel deliveries

  • Technical assistance services

  • Data capture in industrial plants

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