Comprehensive traceability solution and certified supply chains

TRACESEAL is a technological platform that facilitates the development of applications for the management of certified supply chains.

It adapts to any field and sector where supply chains are participated by several actors and where it is required an integral traceability that allows to know, in a reliable way, value information of a product or a lot.

TRACESEAL is a product based on Blockchain technology that facilitates the management of certified supply chains and the integral traceability of products and lots.

TRACESEAL provides solutions to the following problems:

Lack of comprehensive and accurate traceability

Possible fraud by intermediaries

Product counterfeiting

How does TRACESEAL work

  • Blockchain allows you to incorporate data on a product or batch from the process of creation or development until purchase.

  • Thanks to this registration in the block chain, the information is kept reliable and unalterable, so that the producer or owner of the product can track it and ensure that the corresponding quality levels are maintained.

  • It allows the distributor to know the status, location and conditions of the product or lot always, as well as to know other details such as the degree of acceptance of it.

  • It allows the final consumer to be sure that the product purchased is the one he has bought and to consult truthful information about its origin, production process or transport conditions.

The advantages of integral traceability

  • Knowledge of the status, location and conditions of the product and batch always.

  • Monitoring of control and quality thanks to each entry of information.

  • Verified certification of authenticity.

  • It avoids possible frauds or falsifications.

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