Dashboard for the company

Know your main metrics in real time in an intuitive and attractive way: manufacturing processes, sales parameters, fulfilled orders, in queue, etc.

This tool facilitates quick decision-making, automatically illustrating any available metric.

Users will be able to select which visualizations are displayed on screen and in which size and position, having a dashboard completely customized to their needs.



Visor is an easy-to-use tool but at the same time it offers full power that can be used to ground decision making in processed information.


  • Simple: simple and intuitive dashboard where you can interpret company’s metrics in a fast and direct way.

  • Data intelligence: the goal is to transform raw data into actionable intelligence that will help make strategic decisions.

  • Single platform: with different kinds of metrics: manufacturing processes, financial, etc.

  • Easy visualization: with a wide catalog of display options and access to various document formats and databases, illustrate a new metric is a matter of seconds.


An efficient management of the company involves knowing in real time how the business is doing: needs and demands, production and sales parameters, stock situation, etc. Proper monitoring of metrics makes it easier to detect new opportunities and initiatives that can give rise to new and improved methodologies and processes.

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